Who I love on Twitter by Lou Hoffman, CEO The Hoffman Agency

I am a fan of Twitter. With a modest amount of effort, you can transform Twitter into a curation tool taking you to useful places that otherwise wouldn’t show up on your radar.

Here are five of my favourite Twitter accounts.

1. Adam Singer
I came across Adam in 2010 when he wrote the post The Truth About Mashable that spanked the media property for focusing on quantity over quality. The post ended up engaging Mashable’s founder himself, Pete Cashmore. Today, Adam is part of the Google Analytics team. His Twitter feed that explores the digital realm is peppered with useful GA content. Yet, his PR grounding – what an inspired hire by Lewis PR – keeps most of his tweets above the weeds.

2. Stephen Waddington
For a profession that evangelises the power of taking a stand, PR offers precious few senior executives who do more than parrot back the party line. Stephen is one of the exceptions to the rule with fresh takes on the state of communications and what the future holds. I had a tiff with Stephen a few years ago. A testament to Stephen’s smarts, I can’t even remember the cause.

3. Ella Frances Sanders
Ella is the author of NYT best-seller Lost in Translation, and her Twitter feed is a great reminder for those in the business of communications that language can and should be fun. As a bonus, there are lessons to be had in visual storytelling. Ella has perfected the type of visual storytelling that I call “word visuals” in which the actual words become the image. For communicators who typically come from the land of words, this feed is a gentle nudge into the visual sphere.

4. Frank Strong
Frank got his start on the consultancy side, but has spent the last 10+ years in corporate PR roles. This internal perspective is part of what I value in Frank’s tweets along with the shared belief that PR should be shoving its way toward a more holistic approach to campaigns. I also appreciate the fact that Frank puts time into his own curation which results in an eclectic mix of links ranging from Psychology Today – if you think about it, this really should be must reading for PR – to more classic fare.

5. Tom Siedell
If you can parlay your Twitter account from a job in advertising to writing for Comedy Central and the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, you must be good. He is. Tom keeps it coming in 140 bites of humour. Look, working in the communications business is not for the squeamish. When something utterly illogical – if not downright insane – occurs in my work day, I prefer @badbanana to a bottle of scotch. I suppose my character won’t be cast if Mad Men ever makes a comeback.

Written by The Hoffman Agency’s Lou Hoffman