What does today have in store for Hannah Skilton?

My day

6.45am: Pretend to wake up.

7.00am: Actually wake up. Go for a run to clear my head for the day.

7.45am: Leave for work. Feels so disconnected on the underground, thinking I should have got the free Virgin Wi-Fi during the 2012 London Olympics.

8.30am: Catch up with our Tweet deck for @kantar_media to respond to queries we receive about our services, events, data or infographics. I catch a sneak peak of what the rest of the industry is doing as well.

8.45am: FaceTime status update with our global director of marketing in France to brainstorm plans for our upcoming social and PR campaigns.

9.00am: Join a webex along with the heads of communications for Spain, Germany, Italy and China to see if I can't nick any of their PR ideas for the UK. No need to reinvent the wheel I always say!

10.00am: Workshop with IT and production about our new monitoring and evaluation platform – I want to define its key benefits so I can make existing clients aware of added value to their service.

12.00am: It's bang on noon, but I already feel like my stomach has been stranded on a desert island – all this brain power I'm using has got to be unhealthy – the cure should definitely come in the form of my favourite colleague's birthday cake.

1.00pm: A call with PRmoment’s publisher Ben Smith, to discuss content for our latest sponsored event with the magazine. This time it's Contagious Content – why comms and PR content goes viral, pretty interesting eh? #shamelessSalesPitch wink

2.00pm: Meet with our evaluation experts to discuss our new social metrics on our evaluation portal – I want to communicate these to our clients straight away so they can start using them.

3.30pm: Prepare an e-marketing campaign for our services in the US. Set to be distributed at 11.00am EST Time.

4.00pm: Search for the latest hot topics on social media and share it on our blog.

5.30pm: Heading to PRWeek drinks – will try to camouflage my Pinot from colleagues who previously congratulated me for doing "Stoptober".

6.30pm: Check on the pickup of our campaign in the US.

Hannah Skilton, marketing communications executive at media analyst Kantar Media