Watch @HugoYeti and win a HD Flip Ultra

Today, 10 Yetis are launching a competition to win a HD Flip Utra, to mark their new website going live Basically, this isn't particulary interesting unless you happen to be the mother of someone who works at 10 Yetis. But (and bear with me) they've done 2 things that justified my writing about it. Firsty, and most importantly they made a video of Hugo, their office dog. I love dogs and Hugo seems pretty cool. And he makes me laugh. Wordpress is not liking my videos this morning, so if the embed code's gone wrong again, here is the link But also if you retweet this link before midnight tonight you'll have the chance to win an HD Flip Utra. (I didn't know either) So over to you but please make sure you RT this blog link before midnight tonight: (So that's the bitly link, not this PRmoment page.)