The golden era of PR stunts is back and this time its digital

Brands are discovering a new truth – when it comes to connecting with consumers, there’s nothing like a real immersive experience.

What’s apparent is the traditional methods of old school product sampling and stunts have run their course and in this new era of social connectivity we are seeing smarter working models where the boundaries between marketing and PR have shifted.

Savvy PRs are aware of the need to create credible digital content off the back of immersive experiences that engage with consumers in a way that enables them to be part of the story. There’s now no doubt that better, more effective cut through is achieved via social media and when an immersive brand experience takes consumers on a journey that embodies the brands spirit and personality then this gets people talking and generating buzz across a myriad of social platforms.

Today 1.2 billion or 20% of the world’s population are between the ages of 15 and 24. Of this population 96% have joined a social network.

Jo Dunn, head of experience at ProKreate explains: “A successful immersive brand experience takes participants on a multisensory journey and allows them to shape their own experience whereas traditional marketing relies on pushed messages with little or no guarantees of acceptance. Increasingly smarter brands lean towards the use of immersive experiences to engage with their customers by building multi-sensory creative environments that allow participants to leave the “real” world behind and enter a different time or place in reality.”

In these times of restricted budgets and space-competitive markets it makes commercial sense for PR and marketing to combine forces and work together in ways that are more cost effective.

Adopting immersive brand experiences is proven a way to drive better results and ROI.

Jo continues, “The team at ProKreate knows how to bring a brand world to life in a fun and engaging way. Our exceptional cast of performers includes acclaimed actors and dancers directed by leading teams sourced from The Royal Shakespeare Company.”

“Brands that win are those that connect the stories at the heart of the brand with memorable experiences that strengthen the engagement between themselves and the consumer. This gets people talking, generates buzz and demonstrates measurable results.”

It’s vital to generate a unique experience that has stronger cut through across borders beyond the UK and credible digital content is the key. It’s predicted that in 2014 more brands will be looking to their marketing and PR for a joined up strategy to strengthen the engagement between consumer and brand via new experiential concepts that focuses on the impact on the individual and the wider social communities.”

Jo Dunn, head of experience at ProKreate