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Snooze and you lose! A day in the life of Christina Marenson, account manager at Allison+Partners UK

No snoozing for Christina Marenson, account manager at PR firm Allison+Partners UK, as she knows how dangerous it is to give in to the temptation of five more minutes...

My day

7:00am: My alarm goes off and I get up immediately. I never hit snooze as I know it can be a dangerous button. I then look through emails on my phone to make sure nothing urgent came through in the early morning.

8:00am: I grab a copy of Metro and get on the Tube. I have a fairly short commute, but it’s just enough time to read through the issue to check for any client mentions and articles of interest.

8:30am: I arrive at our office in King’s Cross, turn on my computer, and head to our fully stocked kitchen to make some coffee and grab breakfast. I also use this time to catch up with my colleagues about what they did the night before and what they’ve got on for the day.

9:00am: I address client emails, read the news of the day and then make sure everything on my diary is sorted.

10:00am: I dive into a 2016 plan that’s due to be presented the following week. I want to incorporate some bigger ideas, so I decide to take a break and schedule a brainstorm with the team the next day.

11:00am: My first call for the day is our weekly status, where we share media and activity updates, and generally catch up to make sure we’re all on the same page. We also use this as an opportunity to hear about their upcoming events/initiatives for planning purposes.  

12:00pm: Everyone in the office asks the age-old question, “What are you having for lunch?” After about 10 minutes of discussion, we usually arrive at the consensus that we can’t decide what we want.

12:45pm: Off to one of our favourite local lunch spots, Abokado, for some sushi.

1:30pm: A new business prospect comes in to chat about a new service they’d like our support launching. Naturally, they want to start immediately, so we need to draw up a contract within 48 hours.

3:00pm: We’re managing a blog series in a major tech trade for one of our clients so I take a quick look at this month’s and provide feedback.

3:30pm: I head to a client’s office in Soho to staff a media briefing with a journalist from a major tech website. All goes well, and she wants to use him as an expert in future articles.

5:00pm: Back at the office to get on a call with our content team in the US so I can brief them for an upcoming video project.

6:00pm: Our president of Europe is in town so we head to The Fellow for team drinks. The weather’s actually quite nice, so we head upstairs to the rooftop.

8:00pm: Fortunately, my boyfriend loves to cook (and is good at it too!) so he has dinner ready when I get home.

10:00pm: I only have two episodes of Making a Murderer left, so I have to watch just one more before bed.

11:00pm: I’m one of those people who can fall asleep in about 60 seconds so, at this point, I’m fast asleep.

Article written by Christina Marenson, account manager at PR firm Allison+Partners UK

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