Simon Johnson, product manager of gay personals website talks us through his day

My Day

5.30am: Get up! I’m a morning person, no alarm, just the sun shining over London. Out of bed, beeline to the garden for a coffee and banana while swiping through website Mashable. Tube to Soho Gym for an hour of spin.

7.30am: Board train to Twickenham and catch up with Gaydar fans on Facebook and Tweet today’s news from GaydarRadio. On the Mac Air I get creative with copy and include photos and links to videos. Our FB fans “like” content rather than just status updates or news pieces. Mixed feelings about Lady Gaga’s latest offering from the fans.

8.30am: Arrive at the office to find our ever-upbeat customer relations department answering calls, reviewing new profiles and making sure everybody is behaving in our chat rooms. We’re close to launching Gaydar’s new look and there are a few last-minute designs, experiences and User Interface to review and approve or send back to the drawing board.

10.00am: Conference call with our iOS developers whilst getting the latest App Store chart positions from Position App. We’ve surged ahead in key European territories full of free competitors, so congratulate the development and marketing team. I walk the developers through the updated wireframes and functional spec with new features I’d like in the next release.

11.00am: Directors and managers meet once a week – I run through product developments, launches and pitch enhancements to existing features on Gaydar. Ramble through a string of stats, download figures, active users and upgrade financials. Gaydar’s the second busiest dating website in the UK and it looks like we’ll retain this position. Smile.

12.00 noon: Hunger sets in. Protein shake at the rescue – big boost of energy and I’m flicking through a selection of customer photos and profile submissions to be considered for inclusion in this week’s edition of Meet Him, our weekly round-up of handpicked guys (Anna Wintour eat your heart out).

1.00pm: Ear phones in, Nicki Minaj – Super Bass keeps me focused as I get cracking with functional specifications and wireframes for a raft of new features we’re planning over the next 12 to 18 months. I love this part, I get to put my vision down on paper and present to our global team of consultants and development guys to hear their feedback and hopefully get their buy in.

3.00pm: Product and marketing conference call with consultants around the globe. We’ve just launched the Gaydar Blog and Gaydar Passport, a regular competition to win an all-expenses-paid holiday for being signed in at a specific date and time. Over 6,000 entries in the first day. Result!

4.00pm: Burn through Outlook – desperately keeping my inbox below 100 emails. National AIDS Trust (our preferred charity) gets in touch to share the findings of a survey we conducted. It lobbies for policy change on everything so I make sure I get the latest information on HIV and AIDS to share with customer relations.

5.00pm: Dash to catch the speedy train back to Waterloo, meet my partner, chat about our civil partnership plans as we walk over Waterloo Bridge to Soho Gym.

6.00pm: Personal training session topped off with a protein bar and quick chat with the branch manager about our partnership between the gym and Profile Soho, our flagship diner/bar/club venue in Soho. Suggest offering complimentary Gaydar upgrade with gym memberships – with kickbacks and branding in lockers. I love surrounding myself with the Gaydar brand, makes sense I work out with it too!

7.00pm: Dinner time. Yes I do eat, but I’ve got four more days to wait until cheat day. Bed by...

9.30pm: Zzzzzzzz.

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