Sarah Mylroie from Madano sheds some light on the world of Corporate and Financial PR

As communications consultant at the Madano Partnership, Sarah Mylroie’s role covers corporate and financial communications. However, her background in community relations means she is often found on construction sites!

My Day
9.00am: In the office, checking my emails and filtering through the endless list of Google alerts.

10.00am: I read through a PR strategy I started to write yesterday. I’ve outlined new areas of focus and some interesting event ideas for the coming year. I take a final proofread before emailing it to everyone else on the account to get their thoughts before sending off to the client. Hopefully it will get finalised tomorrow.

11.00am: Try to catch up on my current workload with my boss Charles but keep being interrupted by Chris with his latest “funny joke”. He finally gets the hint and leaves us alone to go and test it on Michael instead, but he assures us that it really is funny.

11.30am: After a successful review I send out some emails and write up a press release for my client’s latest story. New appointments in the waste management division. I ponder on how to jazz this one up ...

12.30pm: Lunch time. Head out for a quick bite with Izzy the office manager to catch up on this week’s gossip. We discuss the latest upsets and tantrums.

1.30pm: Back in the office, grab a coffee and watch Charles being beaten at table tennis by Matthew – again! I check my emails and print off background documents for a new client. I’ve been asked to support the account’s financial PR and the train journey will be a good opportunity to read up on their credentials.

2.00pm: Off to Stratford and the Olympic site. I am currently working there helping to implement a community engagement programme. I head down to the site fairly regularly so I can see the construction progress and impact for myself. I wonder what issues will await me today?

3.00pm: Arrive on site. After navigating through endless security checks I get onto site and meet up with the community engagement officer. We run through the latest residents’ concerns, how best to address them and the latest construction programme. We then review some of the CSR activity taking place and how we can promote it.

5.30pm: I start to leave the site going through all the same security checks I had on arrival. Apparently one guy arrived here but wasn’t allowed to leave as he didn’t have the correct pass – I hope he’s been able to make a comfortable life for himself here!

6.00pm: Start to make the journey home to Wimbledon, wondering what delights public transport holds in store for me today. Delays due to the wrong type of cloud? A parade of examples of bad personal hygiene? Waiting ages for a bus and – well, you get the idea.

7.00pm: Make it home without incident; public transport, I won’t have a bad word said against it! Just enough time to change and grab a slice of toast before heading off to run my Girl Guide Unit at the local church hall.

7.30pm: This week we’re baking cookies in the church hall’s kitchen. Apparently, girls aged 10 to 13 making cookie dough is a recipe for mess. Seriously, how does cookie dough get on the ceiling?! Looks like I could be here a while clearing up!

9.30pm: Home time! It’s back to the flat for some dinner, a catch up on the day’s events with Gary and then off to bed.

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