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Richard Fogg, CEO at The CC Group takes The PR Pepper Challenge

Welcome to the PR Pepper Challenge, produced in association with our good friends at Meltwater.

On the show today we've got Richard Fogg, CEO of CC Group.

Rich talks about how the service offer of PR firms is evolving, Tech PR trends and CC Group’s experience of becoming a Blueprint Ally.

The reason we're calling this series of interviews The PR Pepper Challenge is that interwoven between my chat with Rich I'll be asking him three PR Pepper Challenge questions.

If he gets those questions right, I have to eat one of these peppers and if he gets the questions wrong he has to eat one of the peppers.

The peppers are of increasing strength - so we'll begin with mild, move on to medium and finish with hot.

Here’s a summary of what Rich and I chatted about:


3 mins Why recruitment is the biggest challenge for UK PR CEOs at the moment.

7 mins Are client fees going up at the same rate as employee salaries?

9 mins How do agencies make themselves an attractive employer?

10 mins Rich gives us his top tech PR trends at the moment.

13 mins The first PR Pepper Challenge

15 mins Have PR firms become content marketing firms?

20 mins Why despite there not really being a slow down for technology firms during lockdown, there was for tech PR firms

22 mins Rich estimates that COVID cost CC Group half a million dollars.

22 mins The second PR Pepper Challenge.

27 mins Rich on why CC Group decided to become an Ally of the Blueprint scheme.

30 mins Rich talks us through the process CC Group had to go through to qualify for Blueprint.

33 mins Rich says being Blueprinted is “terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure”

38 mins What target has Rich set for the diversity of CC Group?

39 mins The third PR Pepper Challenge.

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