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Resolutions are admirable, but why not do something for others as well as yourself?

With Blue Monday over for another year we can focus on the days getting longer and a more positive and optimistic outlook as we head towards Spring.

How have you embraced January? We’ve seen the usual focus on giving up drinking and smoking, people committing to leading a healthier lifestyle or getting fitter and some becoming vegan. I applaud everyone who is trying to make even the smallest difference, because every little helps and the small things add up to become big things. But one thing that strikes me about all these January resolutions is they are very focused on the ‘self’. They are all about improving your own lifestyle or your own health to make you happier.

Yet take a moment to think about what makes you happy. A smile from a stranger, a proud parent moment, spending time with family and friends, voluntary work for a charity or unexpected praise at work. The list is endless, but these are not something we do or create ourselves; they are the result of others’ actions. Normally they cost nothing but mean so much.

So imagine if you nominated someone who inspires you for an award but they had no idea. How happy would they be when they found out?! An award that recognised the unsung heroes in the communications industry, the people who go the extra mile without expecting anything in return, the colleagues or clients that show tremendous character, integrity and determination to succeed while always putting others before themselves. Surely we all know one of those people?

That’s exactly why LEWIS set up the Suzy Spirit Award six years ago. Our industry often shouts about the best campaigns or the best companies. This award is unique in that it aims to recognise the people who achieve great things because of who they are, not what they do. Every single year our winner has been totally surprised and amazed that anyone thought to enter them. Every winner has been inspiring both at work and in their personal life, be that supporting a charity or the local community. We need more people like this in our industry, and now is the time to make them shine!

The extended deadline to enter the Suzy Spirit Award is January 30. Part of PRmoment’s award line-up, it’s FREE to enter and the form is really simple and easy. Just think how much you could make someone happy by showing them they’re an inspiration to others. Enter here:

Every year LEWIS donates £3,000 to Bowel Cancer UK as part of the award, in memory of Suzy, the colleague we lost aged just 31. Last year this helped to fund its Never Too Young campaign; 2,500 people under 50 are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in the UK. We supported its campaign to test patients for Lynch syndrome systematically, as well as creating a national registry of people with Lynch syndrome, who are more likely to develop bowel cancer at an early age due to changes in a set of genes. The funding also enabled the Health Promotion team to give a series of awareness talks to people working in the construction sector, many of whom are under 50. All this helps towards stopping people dying of bowel cancer.

So I encourage you to maintain your resolutions until January 31 - and beyond. But also take a moment to do something that will make someone you know happier and feel more fulfilled. Surely that’s the best January resolution of all?

Article written by Sally O’Neill, VP International, LEWIS

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