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Remaining resilient and positive in unprecedented times

With the rising impact of Covid-19, businesses are facing up to the mounting challenges that lie ahead. Many have been quick to respond to the situation and for a large proportion, working remotely has become the norm, enabling jobs to continue (albeit on a lesser scale).

It’s quite clear that this is something that will affect everyone and inevitably businesses will be faced with a number of difficult decisions. Remaining resilient is critical during these challenging times. It’s vital that we try to find a way to move forward, to stay productive, connected and most importantly, positive.

PR recruitment is our industry, but our main passion lies with the people, supporting individuals and businesses alike. We are here to help and offer our guidance during this period of downturn. We understand that you are likely to be facing a number of difficult decisions and appreciate the complexities of operating a business remotely.

In this challenging time, we are here to provide information and support to you, your team and to help ease these difficult times and the ones that lie ahead. Whether you just want to chat or discuss your concerns, we are here to listen and encourage all of you to stay digitally connected.

Whatever advice and support you may need, we are prepared, ready and willing to talk. Maybe you need help with working efficiently at home or even ways to keep your children entertained through this extended holiday period. Just remember, we are in this together and through collaboration and connecting with others we can get through these times.

Whether you’re a business or employee there are a few things that we believe should be remembered through this period:

Remain productive – You may now be working remotely, whilst many others have lost contracts and jobs and will inevitably be concerned about their income and future. It’s difficult but we need to try and use this time to be productive, plan and prepare for the future. Try to focus on things that tend to get forgotten, keep productive and stay connected for when things do begin to improve.

Stay connected – Keep reminding yourself this is a situation that is affecting all of us. We are in this together and we need to harness our network, connect with businesses, organisations and other professionals. There are a lot of positive things emerging online, businesses responding with initiatives and ways to support people through the downturn. It’s very difficult to determine the sheer scale or duration of Covid-19, but collaboration is critical.

Stay positive – Last, but not least, we need to remain positive. Difficult as this may seem with so many uncertainties and concerns, we have to look towards positive stories and avoid being consumed by the relentless content covering our media. Stay positive, for yourself, for your family and let’s fight this together.


The PRMoment Jobs of the Week are on hold for the time being until the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in have levelled out. We know that companies are dealing with huge change and need time to settle into new ways of working. When they are ready to actively recruit again, we’ll make sure that you know about it. In the meantime, the BoldMove team would like to offer the only thing that we presently can; our time. If you want or need to talk, we are here to listen, so feel free to get in touch and bend our ears. As we get more information, we will update you and this page. Stay safe!

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