Politics on Twitter: Who to follow?

The digital soapbox for the modern internal dialogue, Twitter, can be the downfall of even the strongest of on-brand messages. My favourite twitterati are those who have strayed entertainingly off message, like Dan Hodges “the cuckoo in the Miliband nest” and Alastair Campbell who once managed the draconian New Labour messaging from the shadows.

Dan Hodges (@DPJHodges)
Commentator for the Telegraph, Spectator and Total Politics. Disillusioned labourite Hodges sits in a strange place, berated from the left for being a “Tory traitor” whilst considered a lefty by the right. His interactions put a fascinating looking glass onto a party in turmoil and demonstrate how vital unified fronts are for political groupings.

Isabel Hardman (@IsabelHardman)
Twitter is a godsend for learning what makes journalists tick. The younger tranche of political journalists on Twitter are much easier to follow with a healthy combination of fact sharing and personal views. A great mix of sensible political insight from the Spectator writer, mixed with light hearted touch.

Alastair Campbell (@campbellclaret)
Infamous Blairite spin doctor who spent years in the shadows has stepped into the Twitter limelight. Sarcastic, sardonic and football obsessed, he’s a great combination of Machiavelli’s prince and your mate’s date. Reading his views offers a fascinating insight into the conversations that might have happened behind Number 10’s door.

Buzzfeed Politics (‏@BuzzFeedUKPol)
Better known for cats gifs and listicles, Buzzfeed has been bulking up its serious journalism credentials including poaching parts of their politics team from national publications. A brilliant blend of serious reporting and the daftest and best political oddities.

James Blunt (@JamesBlunt)
High-pitched, pint-sized popster who was loved and then reviled for his catchy mid-noughties hits. While his music is certainly less pervasive now, he is certainly active in the Twittersphere. Subject to a constant barrage of putdowns, Blunt steps up to the plate and fires endless witty ripostes. Admittedly more Inbetweeners than Wildean, he’s nailed the art of “your mum” jokes and always seems to come out on top.

Article written by Kate Turner, public affairs consultant at agency The PR Office