Pets in PR: Meet ambassadog Eddie

Meet Eddie, an ‘ambassadog’ for PR consultancy Aura. Eddie is a six-year-old miniature poodle who has been in the business since he was a pup.

His owner, Laura Sutherland, head of Aura, describes his daily routine: “His morning concierge duties at the office front door mean he welcomes everyone into the building and gets them smiling before they even get to work. Let’s be honest, we could all do with this on a Monday morning especially!

“He then retires to one of two beds and has his morning snooze. He’ll then visit my desk dragging with him one of his toys for a five minute play session, before he takes his toys away to play by himself, in his bed or the rug, whatever is most challenging.

“After lunch, Eddie gives me a nudge with a friendly whine, to indicate that it’s time for an afternoon walk. Aura’s lucky in that there is plenty of green space in the west end of Glasgow, enough places to sniff and enough dogs to meet on the post-lunch wander.

“Eddie attends client meetings, on the odd occasion, taking off to find any balls which may be lying under a desk or a couch.

“If Eddie had an official job title, it would be the cheerleader. He spreads happiness wherever he goes and ups the spirit in the office and those in the offices beside us. He gets rewarded with gravy bones and chicken chews – his two favourite treats just now. Occasionally he gets gifted treats from clients and once he received some treats to try from a Scottish dog brand. He particularly enjoyed the toothbrush chew!”

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