My top five tweeters by Steffan Williams, group MD at Newgate Communications

I follow people who are iconoclasts. Individualists who question why?

So my journalist is Fraser Nelson, editor of the Spectator and columnist for The Daily Telegraph. Writing from Davos, Fraser bemoans the price of a burger, £52, and warns David Cameron, also at Davos, that the Tories, “still need to be very careful about who they cosy up to and take great care to be seen as the challengers, not the defenders of a failed status quo”.

David Buick, that doyen of financial commentators wasn’t at Davos and wanted “the great and good” to “stop pontificating” and come home to stop the latest market meltdown. Always pithy and to the point.

Also at Davos James Murgatroyd, fervent Arsenal fan and Managing Partner of Finsbury, wins first prize for his #Get Lucky photo with Nile Rogers, yes Nile Rogers, who played at the Google party.

I’m not one for celebrities but Alex Masterly, is one I follow. Alex is, of course, at Davos but the meltdown in the markets is ruining his networking. Russian oligarchs are cancelling their chalet parties.

That’s enough about Davos. I follow Tom Tugendhat; who I believe is a politician to watch. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the army and his views on the Middle East and the way we treat our veterans are worth reading.