My PR playlist by Alec Samways, CEO at agency Splendid Communications

At Splendid music is in our DNA. We have an abundance of DJs in the team as well as musicians, music writers and club and festival promoters, so competition on the decks is high when we have a party; and we love a party. During office hours everyone gets a say in what’s played. From classical to country, reggae and blues to deep house and disco, we play it all.

Splendid is where I discover all of my new music thanks to our Tuesday Tune Club. Check out our playlist here. As a taster, here is my top five:

Garnet Mimms - As Long As I Have You

Is this the most uplifting song ever made? As Garnet blasts out the lyrics "Give me mountains to crumble and I'll turn them to sand" I'm inclined to believe he actually could. Life affirming.

 Seven Davis Jr - P.A.R.T.Y

One of the most interesting, recent-ish arrivals on the electronic music scene, Seven makes sexy, madcap machine music with a lot of funk. This is his finest moment so far and a Splendid anthem.

Lady Leshurr – Queens Speech

This 26-year-old female grime MC releases one track and video each month, all called Queen's Speech and getting millions of plays. An exciting new voice.

 Slow Reader’s Club – Plant the Seed

We filmed this live at the Isle of Wight festival on the Jack Rocks stage and it is due for release on 20 November so get an advance listen here.

 James Brown – The Boss

As the Godfather says "I paid the cost to be the boss". So get off the decks, I'm on now.

Playlist bt Alec Samways, CEO of agency Splendid Communications