Music that works, from the team at agency Dakotal Digital

1.   Maroon 5 – Sugar
Our happy go-to, it would the perfect song worthy of a US road trip. Think New Orleans to San Francisco, open roads and a convertible Chevy rented on a budget; now you’re talking. Yes we might be dreaming, but it’s a song to be sung as if no one is listening. Going hand in hand with a cup of silky Starbucks, Maroon 5’s Sugar is our answer to a weekend-is-over wake up call. So let’s get this show on the road – hello Monday!

2.   Bob Marley – Three Little Birds
Bob being a true musical genius and reggae model, his “Three Little Birds” is a timeless classic. While it makes us drift to idyllic Caribbean islands, blue skies and white sandy beaches (sigh), it doesn’t half make our travel writing come out on top.

3.   Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes
Now there is nothing like Jack Johnson for some mid week Wednesday inspiration. It can’t help but get everyone singing along and tapping their feet. Talk about team bonding!

4.   Take 5 (any way it comes really!)
Composed by Paul Desmond and performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, not only do we love the original but we haven’t heard a bad interpretation yet. The jazz guitar version from the Romantic Flamenco Music CD compilation by Gypsy Flamenco Masters, does an equally good job in dusting away those Thursday afternoon ‘wish it was’ Friday blues. You might deem us eclectic; we prefer to call ourselves creative!

The Dave Brubeck Quartet:

5.   Red Red Wine – UB40
We could have just dated ourselves, but who doesn’t like a bit of UB40 for the ultimate way to wrap up a Friday afternoon and kick-start the weekend!

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