Michael Martin - Another example of MP’‘s misunderstanding the public mood?

All seems a bit odd to me this Michael Martin fiasco. To a Westminster outsider (which, to confirm, I am) I''d say that the MPs have used the attack on the speaker as a way of drawing the media''s fire away from themselves. Although the speaker may not have covered himself in glory during the recent expenses row, it seems a little rich (no pun intended) to attempt to lay the blame at his door. Politicians on all sides have attempted the line that Martin has become part of the problem rather than part of the solution, but I can''t help feeling that MPs may have wrongly interpreted the public''s mood. The country is angry with them not the speaker, and to throw the speaker to the wolves may seem like another example of cynical politicians either misunderstanding, or underestimating the voters.
When can we be creatively brave again?