Meet Keef: Our latest pet in PR

You don’t have to be an animal to work in PR, but it can help! We kick off a new series describing amazing PR pets with Keef, ‘creative director’ at PR agency Little Red Rooster.

Keef is a six-year-old, jet-black, show cocker spaniel. Victoria Ruffy, founding owner of Little Red Rooster, describes how Keef contributes to the agency: “Keef is named after Keith Richards of the iconic Rolling Stones (you might have noticed we are a little obsessed with the Stones at Little Red Rooster). Keef acts as the agency’s ‘creative director’ providing inspiration for the team. He is great to have around when times are stressful as he is the master of diffusing tension and our clients love him to boot – especially in meetings when he jumps up for a cheeky cuddle. Keef is a crucial member of the team he’s even on our website.

“In fact that photo took precisely 30 seconds to shoot and was the first shot the photographer took. The rest of the team spent an age preening and reshooting for each photo and he just walked up, stuck his nose in the air and was done.”

Describing the two loves of this special dog, Ruffy says: “Keef loves PR and venison sausages from Waitrose.”

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