Karen Trickett, managing partner at integrated marketing agency Tangible talks us through her day

Karen Trickett, managing partner at integrated marketing agency Tangible (London) describes a long, but fun, day.

My Day 
6.00am: Woken by the alarm clock shortly followed by my two-year-old daughter saying “Wake up mummy!”
6.10am: Joined in bed by both my mini monsters and then into the shower. My long-suffering husband gets up to sort breakfast out for all of us and deal with two excitable children.
7.20am: After a quick breakfast, I am on the train into work. I check the emails that have come in overnight on my iPhone (actually I lie – I had a sneaky peak at them when I first woke up and then ignored them until I had time to deal with them) and answer those that needed dealing with.
8.30am: I’m at the office ready to rehearse for an important client meeting later this morning. I also print off boarding cards for some flights tomorrow.
10.00am: Quick rehearsal and sense check of the presentation before reception calls to say our taxi is here.
10.10am: A 10-minute taxi ride and we’re in the boardroom at our client’s office, checking the presentation on the screen and ensuring the embedded film clips are working. First panic of the day is that the client’s boardroom has a strange connector for the projector so our creative designer’s Mac doesn’t fit. Quick swap over to my laptop and all is well.
10.30am: And breathe – here comes the board. Our presentation lasts an hour and the MD and chief executive seem pleased with what we have achieved. Our client also looks relieved. We promise to speak later in the day on next steps and budgets.
12.00 noon: Straight from client’s office down to the train station. The platform is heaving as the previous train was cancelled. Luggage everywhere.  I’m starving but there’s no time to grab lunch before the train arrives.
12.30pm: A rare luxury – four hours uninterrupted peace to get on with work on the train. I get loads done and even manage to write this piece! I spend most of the journey answering emails from the team: some related to client work, some to internal things and some new business tenders. I’m on a tight deadline when I get to the other end so I’m trying to get as much done now before I get to my destination. Once I’m there I have to rush to the hotel and get myself glammed up for an awards dinner – this time sitting with clients of our other office that I’ve never met before.
6.30pm: Before I head out, I phone home and say hello to the girls (and their daddy!). I head off to the Hilton for my evening and by the time I get there, I am hot (London is very hot tonight) and beginning to wish I had worn flat shoes – who says working in marketing is glamorous?
12.00 midnight: Had a great night and met some lovely new people. Lots of awards handed out and lots of inspirational stories. Remind myself that I must try harder.
12.10am: Now off to bed!