Pets in PR: Introducing five furry members of the team at Markettiers

It’s 9am in the markettiers Manchester office.

Dolly has been sat at her desk for the past half an hour racking her brains on the next spokesperson for a well-known pet food brand, whilst wolfing down a bowl of her favourite breakfast.

Oscar, a little less enthusiastic about the campaign, is more interested in singing along to his favourite artist: Snoop Dog.

Dolly and Oscar are owned by general manager Josh Wheeler, and are much-loved members of the team, even taking it upon themselves to provide ideas to client Co-op for its dog food range, and using the dog and bone to secure broadcast coverage across national and regional channels.

200 miles away in London, our HQ isn’t missing out, with lick-you-to-death Staffie cross, Talisker and fiercely-loyal Qupi supporting in brainstorms, meetings and even the odd TV piece: don’t miss Talisker’s starring role alongside Jennie Bond for our Bayer campaign in the video below:

Unfortunately Talisker has since been banned from the office after being caught red-handed eating from the bins by the senior team… sorry Talisker!

Bringing up the rear is cat Fandango, or Fang for short. She’s a little clumsy at times but loves creating mischief and meeting new people. She’s also an events queen, regularly helping out ahead of events such as BBC Countryfile Live and Seafish’s Fish & Chip Awards (although we had to demote her from that because she kept eating all the produce!).

Written by Jessica Allen-Millbank, consultant at broadcast consultancy Markettiers