How do you measure your PR survey

Mmm. PR Evaluation. Interesting. Not really but very important and (arguably) for the last 30 years PR has made a damn fine attempt to tie itself in knots when it comes to measuring the impact of what it does. Over the last couple of years, the mighty AMEC have been on a bit of a crusade. They are attempting to be the catalyst that leads to a co-ordinated methodology of how to measure successful PR. As part of this process AMEC want PRmoment’s readers help. If you could spend 5 minutes to fill out this survey, basically giving your thoughts in where the future of PR evaluation should head, then our friends at AMEC would be very grateful. And if you are keen to follow the developments in this important area, on the 8, 9,10th of next month a load of PR people are meeting at AMEC's annual conference, which this year will be held in Lisbon. (Tickets are still available I’m told) Here is that survey again - and if you’re off to Lisbon – I’ll see you there!
Creative Moment Awards 2020