Hedgehog Hall of Fame: IAS b2b Marketing / Trelleborg Printing Solutions - Contemporary Print

Company: IAS b2b Marketing & Trelleborg Printing Solutions Campaign: The Institute of Contemporary Print Category: B2B Campaign of the Year - North- Shortlisted Integrated Communications Campaign of the Year - North- Shortlisted Objective • Engage with and build a database of OEMs, printers and distributors, generating new business opportunities/sales leads • Increase media awareness with key trade press by securing one-to-one meetings, something Trelleborg has never been able to achieve • Secure coverage in the Drupa Show Daily publication, something Trelleborg has never before been able to achieve Strategy & Target Audience Based in Lodi, Italy, Trelleborg Printing Solutions is a leading manufacturer of printing blankets (a consumable within the print market) supplying high performance solutions to segments including newspaper, metal decorating and packaging. As the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, Drupa was to be a key focus for Trelleborg in 2011/2012. The exhibition, which is held every four years at the Messe Düsseldorf in Germany and lasts a mammoth 16 days, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and thousands of exhibitors from across the globe. As such, it was imperative that the company had an innovative, strategic and integrated campaign which would make the consumables manufacturer stand out against major printer manufacturers (OEMs) such as HP and Kodak. The company recognised that in previous years its approach had been far too sales-orientated and results in regards to PR outputs and sales leads had been poor; they needed a whole new approach. In addition, brand awareness for the parent ‘Trelleborg’ brand was poor due to product brands ‘Vulcan’ and ‘Rollin’ having historically taken the lead in all marcoms activity. However, with only a 255m² stand space (Kodak had an entire hall) and no major new product innovations, this was to be no walk in the park. The company called upon IAS to provide a headline grabbing concept which would ensure that printers, distributors and OEM’s, as well as key press all attending the event, would be sure to pay a visit to the Trelleborg stand and engage with the brand. Action Pre event: • IOCP Website – An online destination which acted as the hub of pre-Drupa activity. Included: - A virtual tour of the stand - The Masters’ works to be re-created and previews of the recreated artworks (see ‘during event’ section) - Area to register and upload a photo for interactive mosaic - Company and show information via social media channels which were pulled through to the site • Design – IAS developed the logo and stand design, as well as artwork for all on/offline advertising • PR – PR activity included: - Pre-Drupa journalist event attendance (via a consortium called PrintCity) - Drupa preview/company presentation production - Arranging press one-to-one appointments for the pre-Drupa event - Briefing document preparation for managing director ahead of interviews - Press pack production in German and English for press at both events (updated for Drupa) - Preview press release production (distributed to all magazine previews of Drupa) - Securing media one-to-ones for Drupa • Marketing – One D-mail to key customers and two E-mails to over 13,000 printers worldwide, plus on/off line advertising, to encourage people to visit the website • Social Media – Utilised existing social media channels (IAS managed), regularly updating the Twitter/blog feed • Live Mosaic – All communications used to encourage people to register and upload a photo, which would be used to produce a ‘Mosaic’ image live on stand During event: • ‘Masters’ Collection’ – Exhibition of artwork on stand which included both an original version, as well as a contemporary interpretation printing on a different substrate (newspaper, cardboard etc), coupled with information on the blanket used in the print process • Reverse Auction – Daily charitable auction for each piece of art via on-stand iPad which doubled as data collection • Mosaic image – Live creation of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel came to life over the two weeks, with visitors to the stand having their photo taken for upload • Live Art – Live artist was situated on stand to help attract passing visitors • Video / photography – Film footage / photos taken and used for post show campaign purposes including social media (please see Video 1 in the supporting evidence) • Social Media - Twitter feed/blog updated throughout the event • PR – Attendance at media one-to-ones and news/comment sent for inclusion in the official show publication, ‘DRUPA Report Daily’ Post event: • Social Media – A blog reviewing the exhibition, including links to videos produced • PR – Followed up with all press met at the event to maximise opportunities for coverage • IOCP Website – Updated the IOCP website following the show to include videos and pictures, as well as the final artworks created and interactive picture montage • Marketing - E-mail and online advertising were used to drive traffic to the website Results • 150 per cent increase in sales lead on stand compared to previous show • Average 20 per cent open rate on emails • Increased database by 60 per cent through data capture techniques/email • 2,840 page views/1,531 unique page views on IOCP website (March 1st – May 22nd 2012) • 781 visits to the IOCP website, 609 unique visits (March 1st – May 22nd 2012) • Average of 2.39 minutes spent on site each visit • Twitter followers increased by approx. 30 per cent over the course of the exhibition • €2,000 raised for the Printing Charity via the reverse auction of artwork • 3 separate pieces of coverage in the Drupa show daily • 30 media one-to-ones secured over the course of the campaign • From February to May, Drupa PR coverage accounted for (previous show results in brackets): -  3,007 single column centimetres (1,120) - 497,825 opportunities to see (68,130) - 73 pieces of coverage including 27 feature pieces (16) -  An advertising value equivalent of €89,362 (€13,764) - An editorial value equivalent of €268,086 (CIPR 3:1 multiplier) (€41,292) URLs http://trelleborgicp.com/ http://printinginsightsblog.trelleborg.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/PrintingInsight http://build.iasprojects.com/trelleborg_videos/drupa2012.htm http://build.iasprojects.com/trelleborg_videos/thomas_linkenheil.htm The PRmoment Golden Hedgehog Awards 2014 are now open for entries. 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