From apps to adverts, today’s tasks of Pitman Training Group’s Jamila Juma Waré

My Day

6.00am: The alarm sounds and I snooze … a few times – in a bid to prepare my mind gradually before the craziness begins!

6.36am: I flick through multiple social platforms to get my brain ticking, catch up on real-time news and give myself some food for thought whilst en route to the office.

6.50am: I jump in to the shower and think about what our team has on today, whilst juggling other ideas that keep popping into my mind *note to self – buy a waterproof notepad.

*(do they exist?!!)

7.40am: Set off for work, already trying not to forget the to-do list I’ve started (but yet to write down) before I get to the office.

8.15am: Routine coffee and yoghurt and fruit combo is devoured whilst I catch up on emails at my desk.

8.30am: Gather round my desk for a team briefing – looking at what requests we’ve had in from our franchised training centres, and prioritising project lists. Usually spend a couple of minutes finding some viral content to share on social media platforms – this doubles up with a bit of team motivation whilst laughing until our cheeks hurt, or at least one member has almost spat their tea out (at one of the many inappropriate viral posts – oh, how we wish we could share them all!) – laughter is definitely the best way to boost the day in our team!

8.45am: I catch up with our group MD.

9.00am: I settle into responding to email requests from various departments in our business, adding to our to-do lists and building on the “next-year-to-do list” so that we keep our ideas in sight.

10:00am: I check the progress of our campaigns in Google analytics, media coverage reports and leads generated before catching up with our digital partners at Enjoy Digital to review the weekly stats.

10.30am: Spend 30 minutes with some sharpies, scrap paper and my tongue poking out of the side of my mouth, hand drawing an idea for an advert for a national newspaper – which I’ve just managed to secure after some serious bartering … with a close of play deadline for submission. No pressure!

11:00am: I whizz across the room on my chair to our graphic designer – who looks mildly amused by my scribbles and appalling handwriting and explain the advert’s concept. He’s left with making sense of my scrawls and adding his own artistic flair.

11.30am: More emails to answer, more concepts to shelve, and a couple of “isn’t this a good idea …” messages to “file” (i.e., delete!)

12.00 noon: Take a lunchtime stroll into Wetherby with a colleague and put the world to rights.

1.00pm: Send various updates to our app developer Tyrell Mobile, debating the intricacies of our updates for our app Career MOT alongside slightly panicking about the amount of detail required for our next campaign’s web app. Cup of orange blossom green tea at the ready!

1.45pm: More emails …

2.00pm: Wheel back across to our graphic designer to tweak our advert, whilst panicking at the proximity of the 5.00pm deadline.

3.30pm: Sit with our marketing executive to map out a project plan for building three new websites to support our latest international franchise partners in Ramallah, Lagos and Romania – adjusting content and mapping out time for brand localisation and translation.

4.45pm: Sign off the advert and submit – ahhhh!

4.57pm: Final check of emails before fleeing the office for some restorative yoga.

7.00pm: Pop in to the PA Hub’s monthly social event for some hobnobbing and get up to speed on the sectors latest developments.

8.30pm: Nightly check of emails before catching some zzzs

Jamila Juma Waré, head of marketing. Pitman Training Group

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