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Four lessons in PR from Audrey the rescue cat

Audrey is not just any rescue cat, she is a very special rescue cat, and one who knows all about communications. We have this on good authority from Rob Leary, senior account manager at marketing agency PrettyGreen. Here he describes four lessons Audrey can teach anyone working in PR.

Be an opportunist
Cats are opportunists and we should be too. Audrey was a stray when she stumbled upon our flat – roaming around, probably looking for her next meal, and three guys who loved the look of her took her in. Her opportunism led to her next break. We can all learn from this – don’t just sit around waiting for things to come to you. If you want to work on that account then think about how you can win it and what ideas could bring them in. If you’re unhappy in your role, tell the people who matter and create exciting opportunities for yourself.

Be nice to your owner (boss & clients)
Audrey knows how to get what she wants when it suits her – and all it takes is a little rub of the head on my leg, or a cute meow that I can’t ignore. Whilst it would be strange for us to meow to our boss – or crawl up on the lap of a client, what we can learn from Audrey is to appreciate that our bosses and clients are responsible for giving us perks in life (be it rent money, life defining moments or the opportunity to work on exciting accounts). Equating this to Audrey getting food, it’s always worth treating your clients and bosses how you’d like to be treated, and accordingly you will get the treat (a toy with catnip if you’re lucky).

Relax from time to time
Working in PR has many benefits, yet it can be a busy and stressful industry to work in. Audrey doesn’t have the same pressures that we have in everyday life, but she sure knows how to relax and to make sure she’s happy. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in a campaign and let it take you over. From time to time we should learn from cats and think about ourselves and our own happiness. I’m a firm believer in great work coming from having a happy mindset outside of work – and this can stem from a little bit of relaxing! 

Stay hungry
One thing we can all learn from Audrey is to stay hungry. Make sure you’re enjoying your job and the clients that you work on, and that you’re hungry to be working where you are. Audrey can eat and eat, and yet still come back for food within the hour. As soon as a great campaign ends, we should replicate this hunger for the next and ensure it gets all the attention it deserves. 

So next time a campaign isn’t working, or you’re fed up of selling in the same old thing, have a think about what Audrey might do...


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