Elbow tops the PRplaylist this week

This week, our selection of top tunes to get you through your working day come courtesy of Wez Merchant, founder of marketing agency Strike Media

Grounds for Divorce - Elbow
All the elements of a track you could want. Sing-along lines, great bass and drops to kick along to. 

LA Ritournelle - Sebastian Tellier 
This track has actually stayed with me since one of the last episodes of Ugly Betty when I first heard it. It's an absolutely beautiful, yet haunting, yet empowering, yet peace-inducing piece of musical wonder with the final third providing a mesmerising pay off. 

Right On, Right On - Silicone Soul
This used to be my walk-to-work tune. I forgot about it for a long time and every now and again it comes up during a Playlist shuffle and I get immediately transported to a place of merciless neck bopping and toe tapping. The beat used to be my walking pace until age started creeping up on me. 

Green Eyes - Coldplay
I know Coldplay are often vilified for being whiney old drivel, but their early albums were immaculate. I found myself singing Green Eyes constantly for a few months. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and this makes me smile. And all their tracks give you some amazing lyrics and melodies to join in with. 

Stand on the Word - Joubert Singers
Dare you to not walk away trying to play the piano riff at the start.  Uplifting.

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