Branded3’s Laura Crimmons describes how she fuels a busy day in London

I should probably caveat this article by saying I don’t really have many days or weeks that look the same; I rarely have full days in the office and am usually on the road in some form or another!

My day

6.00am: I annoyingly tend to wake up before my alarm goes off so snooze for a bit until I force myself out of bed, usually catching up on the news, social media or articles I’ve saved to Pocket.

7.00am: I try to head for either a gym or PT session most days before the office to try and give me a boost of energy and motivation. If I try to work out after work it never happens as something more interesting or important always comes along.

9.00am: I’ll grab breakfast after the gym and start the day by reading through emails, sorting into what needs an urgent response and what needs more time to respond. I’ll also review my Trello board that I use as a to-do list to see what needs moving over into my ‘Today’ section. 

I’ll usually have some form of presentation on my to-do list either for an upcoming conference or webinar that I’m speaking at or for a new business pitch. I tend to try and get stuck straight into those in the morning while my mind is still relatively fresh.

I also might have client calls or meetings scheduled to check in on progress of campaigns and plan for future, especially at the moment planning into 2017.

11.30am: I’ll usually start thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch and this point and bothering people in the team until they agree to go somewhere with me! Working in Soho is certainly dangerous for the amount of food and drink options.

1.00pm: I’ll probably have another check in on social media, emails and any important updates I need to know. Most afternoons will be spent brainstorming new campaign ideas for clients or new business pitches.

My teams are split over our Leeds and London offices so most of my day is spent on Skype or the phone to them in various forms. I’ve recently taken responsibility for the content, design and development teams as well as our comms team so a lot of time is spent still getting to know those workflows and checking in on how clients and projects are progressing across all teams.

3.00pm: This is when I’ll usually start getting post-lunch cravings and pop to the shop for some sweets and treats for the team (I’m a terrible influence).

5.30pm: Most evenings I’ll have some form of event or work-related social to attend which could be anything from a dinner, to a meet-up, or evening seminar, so it’ll be off to that trying to avoid drinking too much wine! We also try to have some form of London office social each week which is usually either drinks after work on a Friday (nice 4pm finish!) or a lunch mid-week.

Article written by Laura Crimmons, communications director at marketing agency Branded3