Beyoncé is top of the pops in this week’s PRplaylist

The streets of London, Paris, or pretty much any world city are the source of all my inspiration and I spend about two hours walking every day – and twice as much per day when travelling and at weekends. My playlist is utterly crucial, giving me all the physical, intellectual and psychological strength I need. And yes, I bop and strut, and occasionally sing along.

 Daddy Lessons – Beyoncé
Destiny's Child's magnanimous dictator does country – what's not to love? Proof that you don't need to swim in your lane.

Death of a Bachelor – Panic at the Disco
I don't usually like crooning but this sounds like a psychedelic Don Draper dream sequence. I like to dream up what the video would look like – do they still make music videos?

Hard Times – Paramore
A closet optimist, I even like my miserable lyrics delivered in a upbeat poppy style.

Magic – B.o.B
I challenge anybody to walk over London Bridge, my daily commute, listening to this and not feel like you own the city.

(You Drive Me) Crazy – The Stop Remix – Britney Spears
One of my idols and my favourite song of all the time. I will listen to it at least once a day. Don't know why I like so much – it just drives me crazy.

Playlist by Kev O’Sullivan, executive creative director at PR agency FleishmanHillard