Bat for Lashes top this week’s PR chart from Deezer’s Julia Herd

Julia Herd, VP of communications at music streaming company Deezer, lists five tracks that help her through her working day.

1. Sunday Love – Bat for Lashes
I always play this whilst walking to work on a Monday morning as it gets my mind in the right place and ensures that I am fully focused by the time I sit down at my desk. Whilst technically a Sunday song, it reminds me that work days can be fun too!

2. Kids – MGMT
This is the tune I play when I have just had a really good meeting. It is such a happy song and reminds me of the fact that preparation and hard work pay off.

3. Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay
This is my daughter’s favourite song and reminds me of what is really important in life when there are stressful moments at work. Instead of feeling pressured I think of us dancing together and immediately all pressure evaporates.

4. Addicted to you – Avicii
This is a brilliant piece of music to get you pumped before you have to present or address tough questions. I use it when I am rowing training and it puts me in the zone. When I think of myself in a boat or on an ergo at work, I become single minded and hugely focused and am out to get the best result possible.  

5. Don’t Give Up – Chicane
This is a great tune when you need to write a presentation during the post lunch slump. The temptation is to pick something that doesn’t require so much attention, despite the fact that you know you are on deadline. Don’t Give Up forces me to get on with it.

This weeks PR Playlist is by Julia Herd, VP of communications at music streaming company Deezer