Are Millennials actually as digitally dependant as we all thought?

Millennials are not as obsessed with social media, celebrity and all things digital as we once may have believed, according to research by Bite and Redshift. The study set the record straight when it came to a few popular millennial generation myths, revealing that just 15 per cent of respondents spend more than three hours a week on Twitter, while 43 per cent don’t use Twitter at all. The research also found that 65 per cent of people asked spend more time accessing the internet via a laptop or desktop PC rather than through their smartphone or tablet. Millennials (30%) are also more likely to share a link related to their work or study than they are to share a link related to a story about a celebrity (18%). So, it seems that there is a much larger scope for millennial communication than just mobile or celebrity branding. The infographic below shows further myth busting findings: millenial myth busters

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