Are communicators thinking mobile enough?

The global mobile industry is huge, it is now predicted by Global mobile statistics (GSMA) that global subscriber numbers will reach 3.5 billion in 2014. This increase is coming from each corner of the world, since mobile has become more affordable and more options are coming on the market.

The UK is one of the most developed countries when it comes to mobile users, and as reported by eDigitalResearch in January 2013 six out of ten UK residents owned a smartphone. This growth is happening rapidly, with only half the population of the UK owning a smartphone in 2012.

This level of development clearly shows the potential mobile has, as a way for industries and brands to communicate with the consumer.

The mobile market is again extremely large, with a number of makes and models on sale and increasing competition to have the better and more advanced design. The most influential of these makes is the various smartphones, including iPhone, Android, Samsung etc.

Smartphones are based predominately on app usage. revealed that the iPhone app store alone has a staggering 900,000 apps available to their customers, paid and free. This doesn’t take into account the number of Android, iPad and various tablet apps that are also available.

And they are being used constantly. Forbes found that 82% of the time spent on our phones is taken up by using apps compared to just 19% on the browser.

An app provides brands an opportunity to be in the hands of your customer 24/7. This chance to interact with your customer regularly and promote your brand highlights how big the mobile market, and in particular, the app market is for brands trying to communicate.    

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