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Pets in PR: A day in the life of a PR Goldendoodle

Luna, dog partner with human Clare Homer at CFH Media, describes a typical day at work:

“’Hello, this is Luna at CFH Media speaking. How may I direct your call?’ This is what I sometimes say when Clare, my owner and owner of CFH, answers the phone. However, Clare thinks otherwise as she gives me that look and I suspect she wants me to be quiet.

“We make a great team though. It’s just the two of us that work from here and that’s how we like it. In the morning, we go for a walk down by the river. I frolic and paddle while she is thinking about the day ahead and watching my every move to ensure I don’t roll in (or eat) something that smells exquisite like cow poop.

“Then back we go, so she can sit at her desk all morning and I can chill. She often talks to other humans on Skype or writes about how some new technology has benefited some business. I don’t know much more about that, but she seems quite excited when she gets something called coverage.

“I work hard too. I spend the morning watching her work, checking the post and answering the door. I like to bark every time the door knocks. Sometimes I get rewarded for barking. Not by Clare, of course, but by Alan the postie. When I bark, he posts two gravy bones for me.

“Cue lunchtime – the best part of my working day. I eat a dental stick (apparently, I have bad breath) whilst she eats something I’m not allowed to eat, but want to eat. We then play a game of fetch, which I LOVE. The game sadly stops and Clare sits at her desk again and looks at a bright screen. She spends the afternoon there, often on conference calls and writing about more technology that has benef….Zzzzzzzz. I snooze for most of the afternoon until I realise that it’s gone 5pm and I want to run along the river again. I shake, stretch, yawn and look at Clare until she gets the message that work time is over.

”Sometimes she tells me to wait because she’s in the middle of something important. Then she has no option but to give in. She shuts down her screen, gives me a belly rub and off we go for a walk – knowing that tomorrow is going to be another great day for both of us.” 

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