10 Great Things about PR and PR people

We love lists. In PR, we could be accused of being obsessed with them. They are the lifeblood of our industry. What is a survey release after all except a glorified list? And PRmoment has its fair share too. The difference is, when PR people create their own lists on these pages, we seem to glorify in their use to beat ourselves up.  We scream “10 things at which PR people are rubbish”? So, as the New Year looms, how about a counterpoint? Ten reasons why PR is really valuable.
  1. PR is the most effective way to build a brand
  2. PR influences every aspect of a company’s activities and way of working
  3. Every employee plays a part in delivering or derailing the company’s PR strategy
  4. PR punctures self-importance – it makes sure leaders are never cut off from what people are really saying about them
  5. PR helps turn great ideas into commercial successes
  6. PR builds mutually beneficial relationships
  7. PR explains
  8. PR aims to generate genuine understanding between each business and those impacted by its activities
  9. PR people embody the conscience of the organisation
  10. PR people are passionate about their work
Ten reasons to be proud you work in this profession, reasons to encourage bright young people to join us, to believe there is more to their career than plugging the latest overpriced consumer item. So let’s be positive about our industry in 2012. This is a guest post written by Philip Tutt. Philip is a partner in 360° Integrated Marketing Solutions LLP.