Bibi Hilton, CEO of Creative Access on the PRmoment Podcast

An insiders view of the structure, skill set and role of a modern in-house communications team

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

Today we’re chatting with Bibi Hilton, CEO of Creative Access

Known to PR people everywhere for her first career working in public relations which included stints and The Red Consultancy and Golin - Bibi was appointed CEO of Creative Access in September last year.

Creative Access describes itself as a social enterprise providing career-long access, opportunities, support and training for people from under-represented groups, to help make the creative industries reflect society. It offers individual support, employers help and partnerships and has a range of resources aimed at helping underrepresented groups break into the creative sectors.

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Here’s a summary of what Bibi and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed:

2 mins Bibi explains the mission and raison d’etre of Creative Access.

“Our mission is to build a creative economy that really reflects the society it serves”

“We work to improve access to (creative) careers..through training, development programs and helping employers build more inclusive cultures”

“There are a lot of commonalities in terms of the challenges that creative organisations face when it comes to diversity equity and inclusion but there isn’t a one size fits all solution to any of those challenges.”

“If you don’t have the data it’s impossible to put in place an effective plan”

8 mins How is Creative Access funded?

8.30 mins How can creative employers become better employers of minority groups?

“Salary transparency is critical”

11 mins What do creative employers who don’t have a diverse range of employees get wrong?

17.30 mins How can individuals come to Creative Access for help

19 mins How representative of the population is the creative sector? And what about PR?

21 mins What does good representation look like? What are we aiming for?

26 mins What can PR learn from other sectors of the creative sector in its journey towards greater diversity?

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