Beginner's guide to PR

This guide is designed to give an insight into all the major elements of PR - from content, to analytics, through to how to build a career in the sector.

Public relations is a complicated and rapidly evolving sector - that’s what makes it such an exciting career choice. It’s also growing - rapidly. There is an almost insatiable appetite for content in modern society and public relations is at the forefront of helping brands create content and manage their reputations through this increasingly complicated media ecosystem.

This guide is designed to help you get to know the basics and outline some of the key areas of public relations.

If you read all of this guide you will have a decent understanding of the world of public relations and the most important skills you will require to have a career in PR and communications.

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Here are those Beginner's Guide to a career in PR chapters for you:

Is it better to work for an agency or in-house in PR?

What great PR client management looks like

Corporate PR 101: What is corporate communications?

Why public relations needs more diversity to help it thrive

Entrepreneurship in public relations

What vertical sector specialisms are there in public relations?

An introduction to why PR is such an important part of SEO

Four principles of crisis communication

Why PR analytics and measurement is important and how to do it successfully

An introduction to planning in public relations

Why having a mentor help your career in public relations

Why media relations is an important part of public relations

How to get your first PR job

What horizontal specialisms are there in PR?

Why, if you’re starting a career in public relations, you need to know about ESG

How to manage your career in public relations

Explore the chapters:

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