PRmoment’s PR as Storytellers conference

PRmoment put on a PR as a storytelling conference last Thursday. Here are a few thoughts/themes that came out of the morning. In many ways PR has always been about storytelling but in recent times the context, the immediacy and the way in which that story is to be told across numerous channels has changed hugely. At the conference we heard from in-house communicators talking about how they were using content to help their organisations tell their stories to engage with their stakeholders and to create communities. This was done across relevant channels depending on where their stakeholders hang out and depending upon their objectives. We had Dee Cotgrove from the Met Office talk about how they used the British weather as, perhaps, the perfect social media subject. The Met Office publish their content across numerous apps, Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Twitter, and of course, TV and radio. They also enter partnership arrangements with publishers and organise events to engage and inform the British public. For example, the Met Office has a partnership with Glastonbury. Tom Barton from CapGemini discussed how they used their internal experts to blog and create content on CapGemini's website and across social media to inform and create communities. This is fuelling Gemini’s new business pipeline. Emma Hart and Kristian Lorenzon from O2 discussed how are they have restructured O2’s communications around the theme of telling O2’s story. They also explain how O2 uses humour across their social media channels to engage with the public and help position O2 as a fun brand. Here is a brief video of the day: