Hedgehog hall of Fame: South West Yorkshire NHS - Reel lives, real voices

Company: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Campaign: Reel lives, real voices - Excellence film project Category: Best use of Video - North - Shortlisted Objectives In 2011 the Trust took on new services in one of the largest NHS acquisitions in the country. Against this backdrop of unprecedented change we must continually find new ways to communicate the organisation’s new role. We knew that film, as a medium, can tell stories in a way which text and images alone struggle to match. 30 projects would be filmed for the Excellence awards. So, to make best use of footage, additional films were agreed for use both on and offline. The objectives for the film project were: • Using the 30 shortlisted projects (therefore the Trust’s best of the best) create, in 8 weeks: - A 4 minute overview film of the organisation - A 5 minute ‘snapshot of services’ film for use at the Trust’s annual meeting - 6 x 4 minute films for the award categories, each covering 5 projects - 6 x 1.30 minute films for each category winner, without their knowledge. • The films had to be professional and: - Actively involve patients and carers - Have longevity - Increase understanding and positively influence reputation across all stakeholders - Inspire confidence in services and hope in recovery - Make staff proud Strategy & Target Audience   Briefs and schedules were drawn up, taking into account busy clinical areas. Consent issues were explored with clinicians. A fundamental part of the briefs was to ensure the voices of staff and patients were heard to match the Trust’s tone and mission (living life to the full). A thorough procurement process would be undertaken to award the tender. Target audience was the Trust’s key stakeholders - patients, carers, members, staff, partner organisations, councillors and local media. With such a diverse audience (and potential future uses for the films) care would be taken to ensure a broad approach with no use of jargon - ensuring the films were accessible and engaging, assuming no prior knowledge on behalf of the viewer. Action • Film tender awarded to Deadline Digital. • 30 projects filmed; interviewing 103 people in 23 locations. 90% of filming took place over 12 days. • A number of projects were potentially sensitive - eg sexual health, dementia, substance misuse, electro-convulsive therapy, secure forensic services, acute psychiatry. A journalistic and empathetic approach was applied, allowing people to truly open up on camera and tell their stories with passion, conviction and emotion. • Film interviews took place in, amongst others, hospitals, a garden, a smoke filled container, a sensory room, a sports hall, a museum and on a boat! • The approach to each subject was tailored to allow pertinent questions, ensuring Trust key messages would retain clarity and consistency. • Films used no voiceover, relying instead on staff and patient voices. • Films did not include awards or event branding to ensure longevity. • 1,214 minutes of footage were captured. Results • Patients and carers were involved in 80 per cent of all filming. • Films launched in October/November - to date they have been viewed online over 4000 times. They have also been shown at local, national and international public events, exhibitions, staff inductions and conferences, totalling additional offline audience so far of approximately 3000. • Two feedback surveys were initiated - with 90 staff (40 per cent of event attendees) and with a representative sample of 111 stakeholders. • Feedback from stakeholders showed the films met objectives • 92 per cent learnt more about the organisation • 95.5 per cent found them inspiring • 100 per cent said they were well produced • 79 per cent had changed what they thought of the Trust. • 235 comments were received. Examples: - “It has given me a thorough appreciation of your remit” (Councillor) - “Thanks for inspiring me and giving me extra hope of happier days.” (Patient) - “I didn’t realise how vast the Trust is” (Member) - “I am confident you are providing the right care for my grandma.” (Carer) - “I hold you in much higher esteem.” (Partner) -  “I have a better understanding of who you are and will pay greater attention to your news releases.” (Reporter) - “I am proud to be associated with these inspirational messages of recovery.” (Partner) - “Inspires me to do the very best for patients.” (Staff) - “The films have reassured me that there are good services out there.” (Public) - “You are clearly focused on outcomes instead of rhetoric alone.” (Partner) - “I was inspired that we can all recover and move on with our lives.” (Patient) - “I commend you for a good piece of marketing.” (Councillor) - “These are heart-warming, humbling, beautiful films that showcase our own vulnerability and the caring dedication of our NHS.” (Member) - “The films did not feel like a PR spin, they felt very true.” (Partner) - “The films give the message that anyone can lead a full life.” (Carer) -  “A creative and engaging way to tell the story and commendable mission of the organisation.” (Partner) • 100% of staff said they enjoyed the films and the 70 comments highlighted increased pride: - “I was moved by what I saw and proud to be part of this organisation.” -  “A real showcase; so proud.” - “Very informative.” URLs Award films All Trust films Deadline Digital The PRmoment Golden Hedgehog Awards 2014 are now open for entries. 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