The “In Hindsight” Series: With The Academy’s co-founder Mitch Kaye

The Academy co-founder Mitch Kaye is the first guest in our new In Hindsight series on the PRmoment Podcast.

In a new regular format of the PRmoment Podcast with me Ben Smith we’ll be catching up with UK public relations leaders - and our guests will share their in hindsight secrets that they wish they'd known when they started their businesses!

Mitch co-founded The Academy with Dan Glover in 2014. Previously he was the founder and CEO of Mischief.

The Academy is a consumer PR shop in London. It has a fee income of £6m, 55 employees and clients include Amazon, Morrisons and Disney.

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Here’s a summary of what Mitch and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed:

1.30 mins Mitch reveals that he’s been working for 25 years!

3 mins Mitch tells us his first insight lesson: Ego

“When I look back over the past 25 years some of my worst decisions have been ego lead.”

“It’s a miserable experience when your ego is out of control and you fall badly.”

7 mins What are the warning signs that your ego is getting out of control?

11 mins Mitch talks us through his 2nd in hindsight lesson: Impact.

“Being busy… managing an inbox - is rarely impactful.”

17 mins Mitch talks about the most useful training session he’s ever had: writing his own obituary!

20 mins Mitch’s final in hindsight lesson: Timing.

“The importance that timing plays, in life and in careers.”

21 mins How showing loyalty in a time of change can accelerate your career.

“Leave a job when you’re doing brilliantly in that job.”

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