Rajars results for Q2 2023

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This is a bonus podcast where we chat about Rajar’s latest results. For those of you that aren’t aware of Rajar - it was established in 1992 and operates the single audience measurement system for the radio industry in the United Kingdom.

Each quarter it publishes the listenership figures for UK radio and this offers a really interesting insight for PR people on how the UK public is engaging with this important channel.

On the show today we have Alex Williamson, senior newsroom producer at Markettiers to talk us through the latest Rajar results for Q2 2023.

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1.30 mins Alex gives us the highlights of what PR professionals need to know about Rajar’s Q2 2023 results.

“49.5 million adults listen every week to the radio each, 88% of the (UK) population.”

3 mins Alex talks about the increasing gap between commercial radio and the BBC.

“Commercial radio reaches 39.1 million, the BBC reaches 31.6 million.”

“People want to be entertained.”

“Hits Radio has gone up from 1.7 to 1.8 million listeners, Jamie and on Heart reach 3.8 m listeners, which is catching up with Greg James on BBC Radio 1 who has just dipped below 4 m, on 3.9 m listeners.”

“More than ¾ of main shoppers with kids, the people you want to reach, listen to commercial radio.”

5 mins Is it easier to target audience niches within commercial radio than BBC?

7 mins Why the modern structure of the radio market has big implications for PR planners.

9 mins The importance of local content for radio and the implications for PR professionals.

“The Ken Bruce effect has worked wonders for Greatest Hits Radio”

“The BBC is still the most trusted broadcaster.”

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