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How long does my subscription last?

Each subscription is for a 12 months minimum period.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. Students and agency key contacts will be sent two reminders to members and agency key contacts ahead of the subscription renewal date.

Is there a set date in the year for the start of the programme?

Each annual programme consists of three semesters, each including six masterclass sessions (May-July, Sept-Nov, Jan-Apr). To make the most of the programme, we encourage students to follow the 12 month timetable, to view the masterclasses live and to participate in real time discussion by the community. But if not possible, all sessions are available online following each live session, viewable at any time.

What happens if a student leaves the company that has paid for their subscription?

Should this situation occur, we will discuss with the key agency contact the possibility of transferring the membership to a colleague within the agency.

I am an agency-side PR professional, is this programme suitable for me?

Yes absolutely, this programme has been designed specifically for senior people working in PR agencies.

I am an in-house PR professional, is this programme suitable for me?

At launch, our first offering is built for agency-side professionals, but we will soon be launching a sister programme dedicated for in-house PR and comms professionals - watch this space. Register interest by emailing Will Hart directly.

When are the face-to-face events taking place in 2024?

We will publish the dates in due course and in plenty of time for you to diarise. Any events will be published and communicated to students 3 months in advance.

Is attendance at the either the face to face or virtual events compulsory?

No, we would love to see all members at our events and gatherings throughout the year, but we fully understand if people cannot attend.

The program has been developed so that users are able to join the sessions where they either have knowledge gaps or want to attend, but there is complete flexibility if you don't attend sessions that aren't relevant to you!

And all the learning sessions will be required so you can always catch up with them later!

What does the mentoring scheme involve?

We have a simple process in place. We first ask members to complete a quick questionnaire to ascertain individual requirements. We then hold a one-on-one call to match people with an appropriate mentor. The expectation is that mentors will meet mentees virtually at least twice a year, alongside ongoing communication.

How do you match me with an appropriate mentor?

See above answer. We will take the time to ascertain individual requirements.

What is the PRmoment Leaders Slack community all about?

The Slack community is a dedicated safe space for PRmoment Leaders to network, discuss and debate issues covered by masters and to seek advice from peers within the programme. All content is confidential and available only to PRmoment Leaders members. Once signed up, you will receive instructions on how to join.

What is the output of PRmoment Leaders for members and their employer?

PRmoment Leaders automatically tracks all your activity. As you progress through the program's thresholds you will be able to download certificates and digital badges as proof points of your personal development.

We also encourage members to proactively agree with their agency leadership on how to best make use of the knowledge they gain to respond to a particular strategic challenge and envisage them presenting back to, for example, their agency board.

Why does the price of PRmoment Leaders decrease in years 2 and 3 and then as a lifetime member?

We recognise that is it likely that members will get the greatest benefit from membership in year 1, when they are exposed to the syllabus for the first time. That said, the programme will build evolve and expand over time and we want to encourage long term engagement for our students and their businesses to facilitate ongoing professional development.