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The importance of PR in building your employer brand

A recent study highlights how PR can serve as a crucial tool for supporting HR teams, particularly when businesses and PR professionals take time to understand the motivations of both current and potential employees.

Surveying 2,015 UK adults about job-hunting considerations, the study from Unhooked Communications discovered that money isn’t always the main driver.

Key findings

  • Nearly half (46%) prioritise working for an ethical business over a higher salary.
  • Those aged 25-34 (54%) and professionals in the environment and energy sector (65%) resonate most with this sentiment.
  • 62% value a better work-life balance over a higher pay.
  • 53% would want to work for a company offering remote work options.

CSR matters

Corporate social responsibility also holds weight, as 52% said they’d want to work for a company involved in community initiatives, while 46% seek businesses with an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy. Diversity and inclusivity were important to 57% of respondents when choosing where to work.

In competitive talent markets, especially in sectors facing skills shortages like construction or technology, businesses may find it challenging to compete on salaries. The findings that employees value non-financial qualities in their employer should provide reassurance. Identifying these motivators equips HR and PR teams with insights on how to promote their business during recruitment drives effectively.

During job applications, 59% of people check a company's website and social media channels to learn about its culture, values, and ways of working. The same percentage looked for recent news stories, while 42% explored the company's latest awards shortlists and wins.

HR must join forces with PR

These findings underscore the shared responsibility of HR and PR teams. It's not solely HR's task to craft job descriptions and communicate company benefits. Collaborating with PR teams is crucial to ensuring that the company's culture and ethics shine through in external communications. By focusing on building a robust employer brand through PR tactics such as positive press coverage, credible awards, and content reflecting the brand's ethics and purpose, companies can attract top talent and motivate and retain their existing workforce.

Further information

Download the full report here.

Written by Claire Gamble, MD of agency Unhooked Communications

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