National titles outstrip trade media when it comes to SEO benefit

Most B2B PR teams understand that “winning links” is important for SEO. But what sort of links? And from what sort of places? And how many? And how does this marry with “PR value” and building an actual media profile? A study from B2B technology PR consultancy CCgroup highlights how to balance targeting media for their SEO value and their PR value.

Richard Fogg, managing director of CCgroup, explains, “Search is a critical lead-generation driver for B2B technology companies, but far too often marketers are not integrating PR as part of their search strategy. Search is ever-evolving, but over the last couple of years, every major and minor Google algorithm update has positioned PR as an essential aspect of effective search programmes. Deep, original and intelligent content that creates media and audience interest, engagement and sharing is a key element of both successful PR and search marketing.”

Almost 100 per cent of media outlets that offer links to contributors provide “follow” links. When an outbound link is designated a “follow” link, the code is telling search engines that the website owner is actively recommending the destination website in terms of value and reliability. Which means the links from almost all media outlets are valuable SEO assets, conferring “SEO juice” to the contributors’ websites.

But not all publications offer links. And not all links are created equal.

Which is most valuable – national or trade media?

In other influence studies that CCgroup has undertaken, national media comes a distant second to targeted trade media coverage in terms of sales lead generation value. Similarly when B2B tech companies are aiming to be acquired and are therefore trying to attract attention, the most relied-upon research sources by would-be acquirers and their researchers are trade media coverage; specialist blogs; trade associations; analysts; and their own networks. Not national media.

But when it comes to SEO value, national media outlets outstrip the trade media.

How do the trade media sectors compare in their SEO value?

Which sectors are most likely to provide links to contributors’ websites?

Which sectors hold the highest SEO value?


CCgroup’s report “How B2B PR done right benefits your SEO” was launched in October 2014. CCgroup and digital agency Totally Communications assessed the PR and SEO value of over 250 online media publications. This sample spanned the main UK national titles, plus UK trade titles from more than 20 industry sectors. PR value was determined by an outlet’s circulation and readership. SEO value was determined by an outlet’s propensity to provide “follow” links to contributor websites and the site’s overall Domain Authority (measured through marketing analytics company Moz).

Written by Will Gardiner, Head of Business Technology at CCgroup.

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