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Your PR measurement decisions: A discussion with Onclusive’s Marcus Gault on the PRmoment Podcast

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

This week we’re chatting to Marcus Gault, managing director UK and Ireland of Onclusive.

Dare I say many of you may not be aware but Onclusive is the new name for the Reputation Intelligence division of Kantar that was recently acquired by Symphony Technology Group.

Onclusive has over 9,000 clients, across 130 markets and over 1,100 employees. So it’s a big beast in the PR measurement and evaluation game.

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Here’s a summary of what Marcus and PRoment founder Ben Smith spoke about:

1.30 mins Is there a difference between the data and insight demands of your agency clients and your in-house/corporate clients?

3.30 mins Most data suppliers use a mix of human and automated (AI) analysis these days. Marcus talks us through the pros and cons of each approach.

“The sweat spot is a hybrid approach: you use AI to do the heavy lifting but then you sample code with people a proportion of the coverage to get the deeper insight.”

7.30 mins Do companies like Onclusive tend to supply the raw data or do they interpret it? Are they data providers or insight consultants?

9.30 mins Is the measurement of PR and comms always likely to be imperfect? Just because PR and comms is nearly always part of an integrated marketing strategy?

13 mins Marcus talks about how he’d advise the measurement of a consumer campaign.

15 mins And he compares that to how he’d suggest measuring a firms reputation, so corporate PR.

18 mins “The key insight is what is hurting and what is helping your reputation.”

19.30 mins Measurement professionals working in the PR and comms sector spend a lot of time talking about outcome measurement. But not many PR campaigns measure their outcomes. Why is that? Is outcome measurement a false hope?

20.30 mins The integrated nature of most marketing campaigns makes outcome measurement difficult; PR and comms is not in isolation much of the time.

21.30 mins “I would advise PR and comms professionals to clearly define what they are trying to achieve in their comms activity, and then identify what sources of data they might have access to that will help them understand the impact of that work.”

23 mins Don’t forget: your colleagues in marketing may have bigger budgets but they also struggle to measure the impact of their integrated campaigns.

23.30 mins What are the most popular measurement KPIs for Onclusive’s clients?

26.30 mins They’ll be a section of listeners of this podcast who are part of PR’s measurement clan. Marcus gives us an update on why, having left the sector for a few years, he’s been tempted back!

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