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What the PRmoment Award Judges are looking for

I recently caught up with Frank PR founder and PRmoment Award judge Graham Goodkind to discuss what it is that he looks for in a award winning entry.

Graham tells me that different judges will put a different emphasis on the various judging criteria, such as measurement or value for money but for Graham the most important element of a PRmoment Award winning entry is creativity. 

We have over 70 judges to judge the 28 categories and each judge is scores the campaigns within their judging category. The PRmoment Award judging process is a two stage process: with a pre-scoring stage followed by a judging panel where judges then meet up face to face to discuss, argue and decide the winning campaigns. Needless to say no judge ever judges in a category in which they have an entry.

The PRmoment awards are currently open for entries and a full list of our judges is shown here.

The judges assess each entry under the following criteria:

PRmoment Awards Campaign Criteria

Criteria 1 – Objective: Entries should clearly identify the objectives of the campaign or project

Criteria 2 – Strategy & Target Audience: Please rate the quality of the strategy that was implemented considering the budget, objective and target audience stated

Criteria 3 - Creativity & Implementation: Please rate the level of creativity employed and quality of implementation when delivering the campaign or project.

We are looking for fresh, innovative thinking, best practice examples, partnership working where appropriate, and resourcefulness

Criteria 4 – Results & Evaluation: Please rate the results and evaluation of the campaign or project while considering the budget, objective, target audience, strategy, implementation and creativity. We arelooking for tangible results and evaluation that can be quantified, qualified and substantiated.

Criteria 5 – Why the entry should win: Look for information on what makes this entry stand out from the others

PRmoment Awards Team/Agency Criteria

Criteria 1 –Objective(s): Entries should clearly identify the objectives of the team

Criteria 2 – Recent Campaign / Work Example(s): Entries should provide details of a recent campaign to include objectives, implementation, results and evaluation, please judge the quality of the execution of this campaign

Criteria 3 – Recent achievements: Entries should include details of any recent achievements, please rate the success and achievements of the team

Criteria 4 - Challenges: Entries should contain details of any challenges the team faced and how they overcame these. Please rate the teams ability to respond to challenging situations and the resourcefulness they show

Criteria 5 – Why you Think the Entry Should Win: We are looking for a team who demonstrate exceptional commitment to delivering the very best in communications, demonstrate best practice and show an innovative and creative approach to the work they deliver

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