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What do CEOs want from their PR people?

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

This week we’re chatting to Will Sturgeon, head of content and thought leadership at PwC UK about its CEO Report.

PwC’s 25th Annual CEO Report reveals a growing trend towards more purposeful business practices, including a greater focus on trust, transparency and personal accountability from CEOs on issues such as climate change and inequality.

These are all issues where the contribution of the PR and communications team should be critical, so we invited Will on the show to talk us through the key issues from this report from a PR and comms perspective.

The UK data of PwC’s 25 Annual CEO Report is based on a survey of 177 UK CEOs conducted 6 October - 12 November 2021.

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Here’s a summary of what Will and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed on the show:

3 mins What are the top CEO concerns at the moment, according to the report?

4 minsCEOs are very concerned about any issues that are going to limit their ability to hire. ”

4.30 mins “There’s a greater commitment to purpose and conversations about ESG because they (CEOs) recognise that’s important when they go to the market and compete for talent.”

8 mins CEOs are pretty confident about future economic growth, both in the UK and globally.

11.30 mins What do CEOs want from their PR and comms teams?

12 mins “Comms professionals need to be more demanding of the brands they work for.”

13.30 mins Why talking about something publicly is a key part of accountability for businesses.

15 mins CEOs are very aware of the need for authenticity—there was an anti-greenwashing theme throughout the interviews in the report.

16.30 mins How successful have CEOs been in building trust with their stakeholders in the last few years?

20 mins How has the role of the CEO changed?

24 mins “Purpose used to be an area of differentiation…it’s now moving to an area of expectation.”

25 mins Are the trends around CEOs prioritising purpose and ESG global?

26.30 mins Are we likely to see a different type of CEO in the future?

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