The PRmoment Podcast with Angie Moxham founder of 3 Monkeys Zeno

This week I caught up with Angie Moxham, chief monkey at 3 Monkeys Zeno. This is the latest in a series of PRmoment Podcasts with some of the leading lights of UK PR.

Angie and I discuss:

  • How she helped build one company, lost it and then built another one
  • How she got into Oxford from a "normal" school
  • What it’s like at Oxford, coming from a state school background
  • Her time at Le Fevre Communications
  • How it came about that Le Fevre was sold for £1
  • What were her worst moments in her career
  • Why she started 3 Monkeys
  • How she grew 3 Monkeys to become a £6m PR firm in 2015*
  • What the sale process looked like when Zeno bought 3 Monkeys


Thanks to Shout! Communications for helping us to produce this podcast

* According to the 2016 PRWeek League Tables

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