The PR for start-ups market explained

On the PRmoment Podcast this week with me Ben Smith we’re talking to Nick Braund, founder of Words and Pixels about the PR for start-ups market.

Nick founded Words and Pixels in 2020, it has a fee income of just over £1 million, grew by 300% in 2021 and specialises in the PR for start-up scene.

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Here’s a summary of what Nick and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed:

2 mins Nick reflects on the start-up PR market at the moment?

3 mins A discussion of London’s role in the tech start-up ecosystem

“The investment community is now looking for bottom-line, rather than top-line growth”

9 mins What does good start-up PR look like?

“Half of our clients come to us because they have funding, half of our clients want us to help them get funding”

12 mins A discussion of the tech start-up media

15 mins When is the right time for a start-up to use PR?

19 mins Does start-up PR often result in funding success?

21 min Nick takes our start-up terminology test!

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