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The Global Creativity Review for October on the PRmoment Podcast

Welcome to PRmoment Podcast. This week it’s our October Global Creativity Review, so we are talking creativity with a gorgeous panel who will identify and chat about some of the best bits of creativity they have seen in the past month or so.

On the show today to help us review some of the best creative work are:

  • Daniel Glover, co-founder & creative director of The Academy
  • Olivia Mushigo, social creative, Coolr
  • James Gordon-MacIntosh, co-founder and chief creative officer, Hope&Glory PR
To remind the listeners of the rules - our creatives are not allowed to choose their own work!

This is our 4th global creativity review, so if you like what you hear, look back at the PRmoment Podcast archive on iTunes or Spotify to listen to more creative ideas.

This special PRmoment Podcast about creativity is, naturally enough, bought to you in partnership with Creative Moment. You can subscribe to Creative Moment here.

Here are a few highlights of what Dan, Olivia and James chatted about with PRmoment founder Ben Smith.

2 mins Olivia talks us through some creativity-inducing viral moments/trends where brands have tapped into the news agenda.

The Roman Empire x Panera and Caesar Salad

9 mins Tube Girl and MAC at London Fashion Week.

“My money’s on Tube Girl having a slightly shorter shelf life.”

“One of the things to admire is the amazing speed at which beauty brands will spot a trend and then move on.”

10 mins Donald Trump’s prison mug shot on some anti-woke right-wing beer which then sells out!

“Make the money, honey.”

13 mins Dan Glover talks us through three campaigns that caught his eye this month, all featuring challenger brands using creativity to position themselves as market leaders.

“Simple ideas executed well.”

Pukka Pies at London Fashion Week - the pie of football: includes a kit range and the Pukka Athletic Club.

“I tip my hat to 6EZ Group.”

“I’m going to use this platform to appeal for a gluten-free pie.”

“It’s nice to see Pukka Pies embrace its role in society.”

17 mins Alzheimer Research UK Change the Ending rebrand by Above+Beyond ad agency.

Take a look at the full, genuinely emotional Change the Ending video here:

“The creative is without doubt beautiful.”

“We’re a charity that doesn’t have a happy ending.”

21 mins Lick Paint’s and Heinz collab by Hope&Glory

“Heinz approached Lick in this instance.”

26 mins “There’s always one brand a year that nails it, and Heinz is having its moment.”

28 mins Heinz’s Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch Sauce and Taylor Swift’s tweet goes bonkers across earned media!

“I’m not a big fan of the fake mock-up…if you keep doing it, I will stop paying attention because I know it’s not real.”

32 mins KFC’s bespoke chicken bone jewellery

36 mins Avavav’s chaotic Milan Catwalk Video

36 mins Carrefour puts 'shrinkflation’ labels on its shelves during the cost of living crisis.

37 mins Ed Sheeran gatecrashes a wedding in Vegas

“Ed Sheeran is a one-man PR stunt machine.”

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