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The Global Creativity Review for June on the PRmoment Podcast

Welcome to PRmoment Podcast. This week it’s our June Global Creativity Review so we are talking creativity with a gorgeous panel who will identify and chat about some of the best bits of creativity they have seen in the past month or so.

On the show today to help us review some of the best creative work are:

Kim Allain, creative lead, MSL

Ottilie Ross, creative director, Halpern

Tom Rouse, creative director, Pitch Marketing Group

This is the third episode of our monthly global creativity review here are our reviews of March and April. (May seemed to get a bit too frantic and I forgot!)

This special PRmoment Podcast about creativity is, naturally enough, bought to you in partnership with Creative Moment. The final deadline for The Creative Moment Awards is Friday 30th June.

Here is a summary of what we chatted about:

2 mins We kick off with some creative trends identified by Kim, Ottilie and Tom:

“We seemed to have gone back in time…The PR stunt is back!”

“Not everything (needs) to work across every channel”

“Integrated work works when you have time to deliver it!”

6 mins Ottilie talks about the first piece of work that caught her eye this month - Lulu Lemon Dupes.

How Lulu Lemon leaned into the #dupe culture rather than fighting against it.

“You won’t need dupes when you use the real thing!”

“Really single-minded, really brave and great visuals”

“Dupe culture on Tiktok is people who are trying to buy into something but can’t afford it…so this is a great way for them (Lulu Lemon) to tap into that culture of dupes and TikTok and Gen Z but (it) also widens their consumer range.”

1 mins Tom talks about Elvie’s recent work to raise awareness of the pelvic floor: Pelvic Floor Playlist

Elvie  has released a playlist of 3 tracks that replicates the sound your pelvic floor has during different times: Orgasm, menstruation and pregnancy.




“It (the campaign) gets you to think, it gets you to unlock it. And (from a PR point of view) it gives you a different asset. (Journalist) pitch desks get thoughts of pitches - how many are getting sent playlists?”

13 mins The panel discusses whether men have a pelvic floor. They do!

“The campaign makes the pelvic floor feel more real”

“Any woman who experiences periods… knows that when it gets to a certain point of the month you know there’s something going on in your body but your not sure what it looks like but you just know it’s about to be a roller coaster of a ride and can’t wait until the week after…and putting some tangibility to it to allow women and men to experience what that is like in terms of sound is really strong.”

17 mins Ottilie talks about a prince of work that impressed her this month: The Beautiful Sound: from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

The sound of cancer cells dying:

“I loved the campaign but they could have taken it a bit further.”

“There are so many ways you could build on his campaign, from what is a really lovely owned piece of content”

21.30 mins Kim talks about her favourite campaign for June: Dash Water’s Limelight stunt around Harry’s court appearance.

“Harry doesn’t want the limelight but we do”

“It’s interesting when brands that have no business in politics or the hard-hitting news agenda insert themselves into those moments in a way that feels credible.”

“This only works because the British public is shaded by the whole thing…look at the Daily Star with the lettuce which outlasted Liz Truss.”

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