The CIPR presidents debate sees Rob Brown and Sally Sykes go head to head

The CIPR seems to be making some pretty significant strides to connect with its people and as part of that process we have, the perhaps slightly tongue in cheek, the Presidents Debate!

It promises to be a whole lot of fun and an opportunity for PR people across this great isle to ask the future president of their trade association, lots of different questions, all presumably along the lines of:

What are you all about?  and Why should I join the CIPR?

To see democracy in action make sure you come back to this page, where you will be able to view the debate either live, or recorded.

As is the case with all CIPR TV, our friends at Markettiers 4DC have produced the web chat. 

The two candidates are: Rob Brown, MD at Staniforth and Sally Sykes, Communications Director at the Health and Safety Executive. (So we're all hoping for a proper agency: client ding dong!)

You can send in your questions for Rob and Sally using the form below.

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