Ruth Kieran, CEO of Cirkle, on the PRmoment podcast

Today we’re talking to Ruth Kieran, CEO of Cirkle, about how an independent firm like Cirkle has coped and responded to the Covid-19 crisis so far.

Here’s a summary of what Ruth and I discussed:

  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the business?
  • How the crisis has been very specific in the way it has impacted firms. For example, it has imapacted some of Cirkle's food and drink clients in very different ways.
  • Ruth talks about the pressures of constantly having to review and re-scope work.
  • How many in-house comms teams are run off their feet at the moment.
  • How Cirkle has on-boarded new clients since the lockdown began.
  • How Ruth and her senior colleagues prepared Cirkle for the lockdown in the days and weeks beforehand.
  • Why all firms need a good IT expert!
  • What Cirkle is doing to look after its employees in this working-from-home environment era.
  • Why do we all turn up to a Zoom call on time, but not to a physical meeting?
  • Whether Cirkle has furloughed any staff?
  • Why long-term planning and a rigid approach doesn’t work in this environment.
  • How client KPIs and objectives have changed since the lockdown started.
  • How has Ruth adapted and changed her own leadership style since the Covid-19 crisis kicked off?
  • The importance of empathy and kindness in business currently.
  • How Cirkle is preparing for the return of its employees to the office.
  • How working remotely can impact the culture of a business.

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