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Podcast: Life stories with Mark Borkowski

In the latest of a series of podcasts with PR industry leaders in the UK PRmoment founder Ben Smith recently interviewed Mark Borkowski.

Here is a taster of what Mark and Ben discussed:

  • Why Mark’s mother is responsible for his career in public relations!

  • The impact of his father's death on his early career choices

  • Why he hated his first job

  • How he learnt about the value of earned media

  • Why you must break your filter bubble to understand how to create impactful communications

  • Why one off stunts miss the point of true storytelling

  • How Mark had a run-in with Swindon police  - and why it meant he sold more theatre tickets...

  • Why you must understand and anticipate the reaction of the crowd to create public interest

  • Mark identifies his favourite PR stunt that he's been involved with

  • Why Mark employed  ex F1 driver's James Hunt’s parrot!

  • Why stunts must have a multi-layered approach

  • Why the only person Mark could ever work for was himself

  • Why people don't want to be called a publicist any longer

  • Why meeting people is vital in this time compressed world

  • How journalists are frightened of being bored to death by PRs

  • Why Mark is excited by the future of public relations

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